About us

Welcome at Mandika Bathware.

Mandika is the creator of holistic experiences, designing more than just luxurious bathware products. Rather, we work with valuable natural resources to transform imagination into reality through detailed design, dedicated craftmanship, prominent heritage, and superior service. 

We are specialized in handmade stone composite bath-wares, to provide your comfort and luxuries.

Minimim in machinery more on handcrafting.

Each of our products are stunningly designed, engineered and manufactured in Indonesia. Even more importantly than looking great, our baths are produced from the highest quality materials and provide the best experience, while also being long-lasting. With our matching range of baths, basins and bath accessories. 

Mandika is your go-to supplier for a classy, exquisite bathroom that will stun your guests and make you feel like absolute royalty at home.

We look forward to helping you create your dream bathroom.